Winning Strategies for a Successful ERP Implementation

Prepping your Business for ERP Success

On September 18 and 19, 2013, our firm had the pleasure of partnering with Technology Evaluation Centers, Aberdeen Group, and SupplyChainBrain on the inaugural TEC Vendor Challenge: ERP for Distribution. On the second day, I led a general session workshop entitled “Winning Strategies for a Successful ERP Implementation”. My thesis was that insufficient ERP implementation preparation creates a snowball effect that undermines executive commitment, core team performance, and project management effectiveness.

Key Preparation Requirements

Many companies don’t realize that an ERP implementation will consume its best people – its best functional leads – for an average of 50% to 75% of their working time. These types of capacity demands can be crippling for leanly staffed manufacturers or distributors. Companies that don’t effectively plan project staffing and organizational backfilling requirements put themselves in a position where the business competes with the ERP project for key resources. It’s this type of competition that causes the ever critical senior executive project support to wane.

My presentation, below, breaks down the “whys”, “whens”, and “hows” of ERP project preparation. Specifically, the presentation covers:

  • The makeup, roles, and responsbilities of an ERP steering committee, project manager, and core team
  • The four pillars of internal project management, and why an effective internal project manager should be non-negotiable
  • Why core team membership is a nearly full-time job
  • How companies can continue to support ongoing operations while its key people are staffed on the project

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