SYSPRO Case Study: Westgroupe Integrates Entire Operation with SYSPRO

Industry: Distributor & Manufacturer of Eye Glasses
Region: Canada

Westgroupe is one of Canada’s pre-eminent optical companies. Based in Montreal, with distribution centers around the world, Westgroupe is a family-run business consisting of three distinct entities. Western Optical (the original company), was incorporated in 1962 to offer its customers an extensive range of medium-priced spectacle frames; Wescan is an importer, exporter and distributor of high-end spectacle frames; and Westlab manufactures prescription lenses.

Rodney Suliteanu, Founding Partner of Westgroupe, says: “Before we began using SYSPRO, we spent 12 years running our business on a non-Windows package. In 2002, after a decade of rapid growth, we realized that we needed a more sophisticated program, and installed our first ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software package.”

Unfortunately for Westgroupe, the ERP software chosen did not fit its requirements. “We had a lot of problems with it, and no satisfaction. After two years and a lot of wasted money, we decided to throw it away,” Suliteanu says.

For its next ERP investment, Westgroupe hired a consultant who recommended a selection of ERP providers, including SYSPRO. “In the end, we went with SYSPRO,” Suliteanu says. “The consensus was that SYSPRO is easy to work with. In addition, we wanted a system with a proven history that was actively supporting thousands of users worldwide.”

Westgroupe purchased SYSPRO’s full Accounting, Distribution and two critical Manufacturing modules; Bill of Materials and Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) .

“Most of the implementation process was very simple, but getting the Inventory module up and running was a little more challenging, due to the complex nature of the optical industry. There were ups and downs, but eventually SYSPRO came through,” he says.

Perhaps Westgroupe’s most important SYSPRO acquisition was the Document Flow Manager (DFM); designed to facilitate collaborative commerce between trading partners. DFM uses Microsoft Messaging Services and best-practice business logic to create a seamless, flexible, and fully integrated business-to-business and business-to-consumer gateway.

“We receive many phone calls from customers all over Canada, on average about a thousand calls a day. When one of our customer service representatives takes a sales call, he can see immediately if the inventory requested is available,” Suliteanu says. “Once the order has been entered, the picking slip is printed in the warehouse, the goods are packaged and the courier is electronically notified.”

At the end of the day, an electronic manifest is received from the courier. DFM takes the information and an invoice is created with full item traceability back to the courier’s tracking system. All of this happens automatically, and is completely bilingual.

With SYSPRO installed and implemented, and having already expanded from 22 to 38 user licenses, Suliteanu predicts little need for change in the foreseeable future.

“We’ve been working with SYSPRO for two years, and it’s now fully responsible for our entire operation. There’s an ongoing process of tweaking and improving how we use the software, but we’re not planning to make any major additions or changes. The people behind SYSPRO are very helpful – when we’ve had problems the response time has been excellent, and the local distributor gets 9 out of 10 for support. All-in-all, it’s proving to be a very good system,” Suliteanu concludes.

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