ERP and Technology Advisory Services

We’ll help you develop a sound future state architecture, build a solid business case for change, select the right ERP and other technologies, prepare for implementation, and negotiate value-driving technology contracts

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ERP Advisory Services

From complex Industry 4.0 programs to ERP project readiness, we will chart your transformation on an easy-to-understand roadmap tightly tied to measurable business outcomes.  Using 40+ years of experience with more than 140 different technologies across 700 successful projects, we will ensure you arrive at your destination.

Digital Transformation & Industry 4.0 Action Plans

AI, edge, cloud, and extended reality offer opportunities to expand market share and defend against new entrants, but accessing their potential requires a thoughtful strategy and clear action-plan.

We help companies plan and execute Industry 4.0 roadmaps that enable them to deliver mass customization at scale, free people up from manual processes, acquire differentiating intelligence, increase efficiencies, and open up new revenue streams.


ERP Assessment & Digital Transformation Roadmap

We work with you to develop a holistic and detailed technology transformation plan aligned to your business strategy and supported by a business case, ROI, and total cost of ownership.

The assessment includes future-state business process and technology architecture along with a detailed set of plans and requirements to support ERP and technology selection, implementation readiness, change management, implementation management, and post-implementation optimization.


ERP & Technology Selection

Don’t limit your ERP selection to an evaluation of functionality alone. A well-informed decision demands a delicate balance of decision criteria that can oftentimes conflict. We help our clients hone in on the right ERP software and technology partners by clearly defining objectives, developing a tailored due diligence plan, and evaluating software and service offerings against the 8 Dimensions of Vendor Fit.


Technology Contract Negotiations and Drafting

Let us help you establish a contractual framework that lowers total cost of ownership, drives predictably scalable solutions, incents successful implementation, and protects your legal interests.

Our legal and business advisory team offers the full gamut of technology contract negotiation services including negotiation strategy, pricing benchmarks, lead negotiator, contractual risk analysis, and contracts drafting.


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Power your project with expertise, experience
and proven methodologies


Our project managers, technical consultants and analysts are standouts in their fields each averaging more than 20 years’ experience delivering successful projects for some of the world’s largest enterprises and most notable high-growth startups. Our team’s postgraduate degrees in electrical engineering, systems engineering, e-commerce, computer science, business administration, and law are complemented and enhanced by industry specific PMP, Lean/Six Sigma Black Belt, technical, and PROSCI / ADKAR certifications.


We power our clients’ projects with 40+ years of 100% successful project delivery across more than 700 major transformations involving 140 different technology solutions. We dig deeply into this experience to help our clients craft creative solutions to their most complex needs, including technology contract and deal structures, implementation strategy, project structures, change management, technology architecture and business process design.

Proven Methodologies

Pemeco’s academically rigorous proprietary methodologies are used and respected globally. Our business assessment and selection methodology became the standard curriculum of an upper-level systems analysis and design course at Canada’s #1 ranked MBA school. Our implementation management methodology, Milestone Deliverables, is published and used in more than 40 countries to successfully implement and rescue implementations of all shapes and sizes. The key to our methodologies is to break large, complex projects into small, measurable deliverables that indicate whether the project is on-track to achieving defined business value.

Case studies

SAP vs. Waste Management: A $500M ERP Implementation Failure

Earlier this month, Waste Management (WM) upped the ante in its lawsuit against SAP to $500 million. The root of WM’s claim is that it was allegedly deceived and defrauded by SAP during the ERP selection and implementation phases.

SAP vs. Waste Management: A $500M ERP Implementation Failure

Marin County v. Deloitte: Learn from this ERP Implementation Failure to Drive Success

ERP implementation failure is a pretty easy topic to write about – fresh material is delivered to my door almost daily. Consider, for example, the California County of Marin’s recent $30 million lawsuit against Deloitte Consulting LLP. In that case, Marin County hired Deloitte to implement an SAP ERP system. Marin spent $18.6 million on system and implementation costs. For all of that money, what did it get? A malfunctioning system, administrative lock-ups and headaches.

Marin County v. Deloitte: Learn from this ERP Implementation Failure to Drive Success

A Case Study on Hershey’s ERP Implementation Failure: The Importance of Testing and Scheduling

Imagine waking up one day to find out that your company's supply chain has ground to a halt, making it impossible to fulfill $100 million worth of orders. For Hershey's confectionary manufacturing and distribution operations, this nightmare came true in 1999. Read this case study on Hershey's ERP implementation failure. Learn about the importance of ERP system testing and project scheduling.

A Case Study on Hershey’s ERP Implementation Failure: The Importance of Testing and Scheduling


Experienced in 140 technology solutions

At Pemeco, we’ve helped clients evaluate, select, implement, and optimize more than 140 different technology solutions. Our clients rely on our knowledge of technologies, the technology marketplace, best-practices, solution-specific gaps, and critical project success factors to deliver their future-state visions. Whether you need help choosing the perfect technology partners or implementing a solution, we can help.

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