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Whether you are looking for ERP Selection help or ERP Implementation services, we lead our manufacturing, distribution, and retail clients into the next phase of their evolution. Our Resource Center will give you information pulled from 40 years of running ERP projects without failure.

Download our free infographic and learn the 7 critical ERP implementation risks and how to manage them.

Download our free infographic and learn about the methodology trusted by successful ERP project managers in 40-plus countries.

Download our free ERP Selection and Implementation Readiness Self-Assessment to quantify your project’s risk and identify targeted actions to fortify your methodology.

Download digital transformation, technology assessment, and ERP selection templates, scorecards, and checklists

In this guide, we explain key tactics to evaluate ERP vendors and software.

In this CIO’s guide, we look best practices from Pemeco’s 700-plus successful implementations.

This guide will help you prepare to upgrade or replace your ERP system.

In this guide, we give you best-practices and give you a template to build your implementation team.

In this guide, you will discover the seven dimensions you must consider when evaluating vendors. 

Case Study: Privately-held international manufacturer with sales and manufacturing facilities in North America and Europe.

Case Study: Canadian aerospace company that designs and manufactures components for commercial and military aircraft.

Case Study: How Jamesway approached its upgrade from Baan ERP versus making a new ERP decision.

Case Study: Feed producer selects new ERP for multi-company growth.

Case Study: How Tokyo Electron solved a $51 Million problem. A case study on a transformative ERP implementation.

In this guide, we provide you with a step-by-step guide to evaluating LN against other ERP systems.

Learn why Pemeco market-leaders trust Pemeco to lead their digital transformation, ERP selection, and ERP implementatio projects

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