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IFS Radio NetworkCloud ERP”, April 15, 2013
IFS Radio NetworkSelecting ERP for Engineer to Order (ETO) Manufacturing”, May 15, 2012
Credit SuisseThe Apps Revolution Manifesto — Volume 2: The Markets”, May 3, 2012
Chris MaxcerVolume, complexity can lead to order management software system failures”, TechTarget, March 23, 2012
Chris MaxcerWhen merging general ledger software, a careful approach is advised”, TechTarget, March 22, 2012
Chris MaxcerCosts, lost chances may call for ERP implementation”, TechTarget, March 22, 2012
Derek SingletonCan Open Source ERP Succeed?”, Software Advice, January 21, 2011
Master’s Thesis
Houston Neal2010 Manufacturing Software State of the Industry Roundtable – Part II”, Software Advice, April 23, 2010
Houston Neal2010 Manufacturing Software State of the Industry Roundtable”, Software Advice, April 23, 2010
Houston NealERP Implementation Strategies  – A Guide to ERP Implementation Methodology”, Software Advice, March 11, 2010

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Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America 70th Annual Convention April 28-30, 2013. Presenter and moderator for General Technology Session (Live)
Leveraging ERP, BI, and Big Data to Drive Manufacturing Excellence, Ziff Davis, 2013 (webcast)
Five Ways Best-in-Class Companies are Improving Customer Satisfaction, Ziff Davis, 2012 (webcast)
Seven Critical ERP Tips for Inventory Management, Ziff Davis, 2012 (webcast)
Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show, 2011 (Live)
Business Analyst World, 2011 (Live)

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Published Articles and Papers

Jonathan Gross “SAP, Deloitte, and Marin County ERP Lawsuits – A Parsing of ERP Implementation Project Management Duties”, Inside-ERP, March 8, 2013
Jonathan Gross “SAP, Deloitte, and Marin County ERP Lawsuits – A Case Study for ERP Selection”, Inside-ERP, March 4, 2013
Jonathan Gross “Empowering Customer Service with CRM and ERP Integration”, Ziff Davis, October, 2012
Jonathan Gross “Expert’s Guide to Successful MRP Projects”, Ziff Davis, September, 2012
Jonathan Gross “SaaS vs On-Premise ERP”, Ziff Davis, June 1, 2012
Jonathan Gross “Driving ERP Success at Manufacturing and Distribution Companies”, Ziff Davis, April, 2012
Jonathan Gross “Big Data, Mobility, and Green IT: Innovations for Manufacturers and Distributors”, April, 2012
Jonathan Gross “ERP for the Agile Business: Innovations in mobility, business intelligence and cloud computing”, Manufacturing Automation, November 7, 2011
Jonathan Gross “2011 Benchmark Study: The Secret Recipe for ERP Success” June 28, 2011 (Cover Feature, Print Edition)
Jonathan Gross “Lessons on ERP Testing and Scheduling” Manufacturing Automation, July 30, 2010

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