1978  Pemeco Inc. and Coprom Inc.
are founded by Peter Gross.

1980  Cégir Inc. purchases Coprom.
1983  Consor Ltd. is founded and
Pemeco is rebranded by Peter Gross.
2000  Pemeco Inc.
acquires Consor Ltd.
2004  Pemeco's Milestone Deliverables
is written and relied on by organizations
in more than 40 countries.
Present  Pemeco provides
seminars and consulting
services around the globe.
1978 1983 2000 2004 Present


Pemeco Inc. and Coprom Inc. founded by Peter Gross
Coprom, a leading vendor of enterprise information management systems (along with its subsidiary, Amgis Systems) marketed, sold, and implemented ERP predecessor systems. Its systems included accounting, payroll, order entry, inventory management, automotive dealer network and transportation control.

In 1980, Cégir Inc. (a firm with operations in over 20 countries,) purchased Coprom. Afterwards, Peter led its enterprise management and information technology division in Canada, the United States, Africa and Asia.


  • Notable clients include Hydro Quebec, 80 higher education institutions and school boards, government authorities, Canadian Prime Minister Office, Canadian National Research Council and Government of Senegal.
  • During its early years, Pemeco designed and delivered more than 150 seminars and courses.


Consor Ltd. founded and Pemeco Inc. rebranded by Peter Gross
Cégir ceased operations and Consor was founded to support new and existing overseas clients. During this period, Pemeco began providing business and IT expertise to the North American marketplace.

In 1986, Pemeco acquired UK-based BEC Systems’ US operations and develops expertise in production control IT systems and MRPII.


Pemeco Inc. acquires Consor Ltd.
Pemeco acquires Consor Ltd. and its consulting practice focused on business requirements assessments, feasibility studies, enterprise software selection and implementation management.


Pemeco publishes its own ERP methodologies, Milestone Deliverables
Milestone Deliverables: The Hands-On Approach to Implementing ERP projects was written. This methodology is relied on by organizations in more than 40 countries .


IT services business model continues
Presently, Pemeco provides ERP consulting services and disseminates public and corporate seminars on ERP implementation methodology throughout North America and Europe.