From project planning to cutover, Milestone Deliverables is your hands-on guide to delivering a successful ERP implementation project
Price: $129 (U.S.), plus shipping and handling

- Over 1,400 copies sold in more than 40 countries

- "The timing for evaluating Peter Gross' proven formula could not have been any better" - Office of the County Executive, Kansas City, Missouri

- "Pemeco's Milestone Deliverables methodology was a key to our success" - President, Enertech

- "Pemeco's implementation methodology and emphasis on Milestone Deliverables was ‘right on’!" - General Manager, Curtiss Wright

What you will learn in this book
Project & change management
Break your project down into 13 phases and 14 key deliverables. Track schedules, risk and budgets. 

Manage the "Emotional Curve" and overcome resistance with formal communications and training.
Process mapping & testing
Reengineer the "to be" state department-by-department and process-by-process. Create your business' custom work instruction bible.

Systematically test the system through  progressive and comprehensive piloting that assures quality on cutover.
Data migration, tech & cutover
Develop a structured migration plan to ensure valid static and dynamic data upon cutover.

Schedule, budget, and test customizations, interfaces, reports, and extensions.

Lead your "go live" according to a strict cutover plan that maps task to the half-hour.
Who should read this book
ERP project managers
Providing you with the structure, tools, and templates you need to develop project plans, control budgets and schedules, manage risk, and control scope.
Key users
Providing you with tutorials on - and templates for - re-engineering business processes, executing test scripts, training end-users, and completing cutover tasks.
Senior Executives
Providing the tools you need to define project mission statements, assess performance, evaluate the merits of scope change requests, and make go/no-go decisions.
What people are saying
"The entire company was astounded that such a complicated project could be so successful and delivered on time. The Pemeco implementation methodology, ‘Milestone Deliverables’, provided a comprehensible roadmap to follow with clearly-marked, tangible deliverables serving as signposts along the way. We moved to our new ERP systems on the final weekend and balanced our $51M of inventory to the penny!"
Russ Finney VP IS, Tokyo Electron America, Inc.
Fred Borah
General Manager, Peerless Instrument Company
Pemeco's Milestone Deliverables approach enabled Peerless to meet targets in a timely fashion while documenting our processes effectively. I would recommend Pemeco's approach to any organization implementing management software.
Susan Alcide
General Manager, Curtiss-Wright Corporation
I never would have believed such a complicated project could be so successful. Pemeco's implementation methodology and emphasis on Milestone Deliverables was 'right on'!
Jim Leachman
President, Enertech
With our hyper-aggressive schedule, project team members had to work efficiently, yet at a lightning-fast pace. Pemeco's Milestone Deliverables was a key to our success.
Thad Thomas
IT Director, Jackson County, MO
Peter, thank you so very much for sharing your ERP implementation methodology with us, IT certainly provided form and structure to a process that could otherwise have been a risky endeavor.
Includes templates and forms to manage your project
Project plans
Templates to build your master plan, subsidiary plans, and budgets
Risk management database
Track and prioritize gaps and issues, and monitor mitigation
Data migration plan
Track data sources, validity measures and migration approaches
Training plans
Map skills, training requirements and program effectiveness
Business process mapping
Systematically map, reengineer and document your company's business scenarios and processes
Structure your piloting phases to ensure systematic and comprehensive testing
Cutover plan
A detailed task list to micro-manage your cutover weekend and assure a successful go-live
About the author:
Peter Gross, B.Sc., M.Eng
President, Pemeco Consulting
Peter – a leading implementation expert according to the High Court of New Zealand – has built a worldwide reputation as an authority on delivering successful ERP implementation projects. He has delivered keynote presentations at major multinational conventions, is cited in leading business publications, and has lead seminars around the globe.

 Peter’s two greatest gifts are his ability to break down the complex into small targets, and his ability to get people to collaboratively work towards those targets. Peter is Pemeco Consulting’s President and Founder. He has more than 35 years’ experience leading complex enterprise software, company integration, and process reengineering projects. Peter has personally delivered more than 100 major implementation projects, including the successful rescue of several failed projects initially managed by global consulting firms. In addition to his project management expertise, Peter is an authority on manufacturing business processes, including: MRP II, master production scheduling, capacity requirements planning, logistics, costing, and supply chain management.
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