IT Strategy
for the Mid-Market


Harness the power of former CIOs and IT Directors of Fortune 500 companies to build your mid-sized or small company’s IT strategy.

Through our IT Strategic Planning services, we provide small and mid-sized organizations with a path to evolving their IT organizations and assets into competitive advantages. We cut through the complexity and provide a clear and actionable portfolio of IT projects that drives corporate strategic and operational objectives.


Our IT strategy and planning services for the mid-market has been specifically designed around the unique needs of organizations with leanly staffed IT departments. Oftentimes, our plans include projects relating to:enterprise systems, integrations, collaboration, cloud models, analytics and business intelligence (BI), mobility, and IT staffing.

Our approach is a structured top-down and cross-functional assessment that includes the following due diligence components:

  • Analysis of business strategies, goals, and objectives
  • Analysis of IT assets and people
  • Analysis of business processes and gaps
  • Analysis of analytic, performance, mobility, and access requirements
  • Analysis of IT contingency and disaster recovery requirements
  • Project planning, budgeting, and scheduling, and initiatives prioritization

The deliverable is a portfolio of projects that are collectively scheduled, budgeted, and resource loaded. The projects typically span IT organizations, architecture, infrastructure, applications, and business processes.