WEBINAR: Readiness Planning and Organizational Change Management

Event Date: October 6, 2017
Event Time: 2 pm EDT

We will be guest speaking to discuss ERP readiness and organizational change management best-practices.

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Here is the webinar abstract:

ERP will be among the biggest projects your company will undertake in the next 15 years. To maximize the benefits, you will probably have to change your organizational structure, business processes, and information architecture.

To successfully execute your project, your best-and-brightest will have to lead the charge. They’ll need to spend between 50% and 75% of their working time remapping processes, rearchitecting data structures, documenting the new procedures, testing the systems, and training the end-users.

Your business needs a plan to ensure that it can continue to sell, make, and ship product without its key people. It needs a plan to assure that the key users develop the necessary skills and dedication.

Without an effective change management plan, you expose your project to major failure risks and the potential waste of hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of dollars.

Join us for a 45-minute webinar to learn actionable techniques to prepare your business for a major ERP implementation. Jonathan Gross, Managing Director of Pemeco Consulting, will walk through critical best-practices, including:

Evaluating organizational readiness;
Building a change management and implementation readiness plan;
Building your project teams and back-filling key users.

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