How Are You Evaluating Vendors And Software? 

Inject experience into your ERP project

Fuel your ERP selection project with the experience of 700 major projects, 125 different systems evaluated, and 85 different systems implemented and optimized.

How are you evaluating vendors and software? How does cloud fit into the picture? What about technology architecture? Vendor viability? Total cost of ownership? What other areas should you consider?

With Pemeco, you’ve found a partner who’s “been-there-done-that”. We have helped clients evaluate more than 125 different systems, and implement and optimize more than 85 different systems. We’re already immersed in your industry, the technology markets, and the technologies themselves.

Let us become immersed in your business. We’ll complete an end-to-end analysis of your business strategies, business processes, technologies, organizational structures, and skills. Then we’ll methodically lead you through an evaluation of ERP software, vendors, and service providers. All the while, we’ll prepare your company for its upcoming ERP implementation project.

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