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Independent ERP Selection and Evaluation Services

ERP projects are catalysts for transformative changes to business processes, organizational structures, cultures and data. With hundreds of ERP software vendors in the market, you need a partner to guide you through ERP software, vendor and service provider evaluations to ensure that you make the right decision for tomorrow and for 15 years from now. Having successfully managed more than 700 major projects, Pemeco is that partner.
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For more than 40 years, Pemeco Consulting has been helping businesses like yours select and implement sophisticated ERP and enterprise software solutions. By leveraging our experience and knowledge base, our clients run more efficient ERP evaluation and selection projects.

How can we help you make a better ERP selection decision more quickly and cost effectively?

By focusing on your differentiating requirements and your critical gaps. Generally, these represent 20% of a company’s total requirements. For the remaining 80%, we rely on our extensive catalogue of best-practices.

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ERP Selection and Evaluation Methodology

Our clients recognize that the right ERP vendor will have to satisfy their short-term and long-term business requirements.

Applying our ERP selection methodology, we lead our clients through a systematic, measurable, and comprehensive evaluation of ERP vendors, their software, and their service providers. Our methodology forms the curriculum of an upper-level MBA course in the Management Science Department of Canada’s #1-ranked MBA School according to the Economist Magazine – the Schulich School of Business at York University.

Business Requirements Assessment

Our ERP selection consultants perform structured internal due diligence analysis to define the collection of our client’s short-term and long-term business requirements for ERP. Learn more about our business requirements assessment services.

Education on ERP and Enterprise Integration

To make effective ERP decisions, key decision-makers and influencers requires a certain level of knowledge. Where necessary, we educate our clients on integrated business processes and ERP functionality.


We manage a systematic ERP selection procurement process that facilitates structured due diligence. Our ERP vendor knowledgebase, expertise, and screening techniques position us to lead our clients from long-list to recommended vendor.

Our process often includes a custom RFP, site visits, scripted demonstrations, and scripted reference checks.

Contract Negotiations

With legal contracts expertise, we negotiate terms and conditions that lower total cost of ownership, accelerate return on investment, and incentivize all parties to deliver successful ERP projects. Learn about our contract negotiations services.

Implementation Planning

ERP selection is only successful to the extent that the software is properly implemented. Our final deliverable includes an ERP implementation project plan based on our ERP implementation methodology, Milestone Deliverables.