ERP Rescue and Recovery


Is your ERP implementation schedule slipping? Are change orders causing you to blow through your project budget? Are key stakeholders missing meetings? Is the consulting team turning over?

Let us get your project back on-track. Our successful record of 600+ ERP implementation projects includes several high-profile rescues of ERP projects initially led by Tier I and global consulting firms.

Contact us confidentially to discuss your ERP implementation issues and how we can help.


We’ll assess your project, prepare a recovery plan, and lead your project to a successful conclusion. Time is of the essence, and we’ll get you back on-track.
Rescue Audit

We provide a thorough evaluation of project governance structures, teams, deliverables, and risks. Our root cause analysis feeds into a recovery plan.

Rescue Plan

The recovery plan provides your team with a deliverables-based course correction roadmap that spans governance, change management, teams, process design, testing, training and technical.


We take control of the project, correct course, and march it down the Milestone Deliverables path to success