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The Pedigree to Transform your Business with ERP Implementation

To transform your business with an ERP implementation, you need a partner with deep expertise, industry knowledge and a proven ERP implementation methodology. You need a partner who’s going to guide you step-by-step through ERP implementation complexities of business process re-engineering, change management, testing, risk management, training and project management.
erp implementation
With nearly 40 years of ERP implementation experience, a methodology used in more than 40 countries, and the best consulting talent in the industry, Pemeco is that partner.

We’re proud to help market leaders protect and enhance their competitive positions. Take Tokyo Electron, the world’s second largest chip gear maker. We’ve helped the North American operations of this Fortune-500 company achieve remarkable growth to become a $2 billion per year contributor to corporate revenues. We led North America-wide ERP implementations designed to deliver operational efficiencies and timely analytics through automation, best-practices business processing and standardization.

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ERP Implementation Methodology

Milestone Deliverables is based on the premise that people and teams are most effective when they work towards small, achievable, actionable, and measurable goals.

Our ERP implementation methodology does just that. It breaks down a complex ERP implementation project into 13 distinct phases and 14 actionable deliverables.

ERP Project Planning Phase

We break down and comprehensively plan the project into constituent phases, tasks, deliverables, milestones, budgets and schedules.

Business Blueprinting Process Reengineering

We lead comprehensive business process re-engineering and documentation phases; which chart an organization’s path from its “as is” state to an ERP-enabled future “to be” state.

Organizational Change Management and Training

Through communications planning, training course management, and staff realignment phases, we effectively lead our clients through organizational change project and help them manage the project’s “emotional curve”.

System Testing

We lead our clients through the following series of three testing phases to incrementally, systematically and comprehensively test the system.

• Conference Room Pilot (CRP)
• Departmental Pilot (DP)
• Integrated Pilot (IP)

Data Migration

We ensure data integrity in the new ERP system by executing a structured migration plan that includes the following:

• General Migration Strategies
• Testing and Quality Control
• Static and Dynamic Data Strategies
• Migration Timing

Risk Management and Change Control

We leverage a Gaps and Issues database to track issues, manage risk, and control change.

Cutover Planning and Execution

Cutting over to the new system requires an intensive team effort to complete dynamic data migration, final user training, and critical issues resolution.

Our cutover plans include a day-by-day and hour-by-hour task schedule.