ERP Contract


With our strategic procurement and enterprise software contract negotiations services, we help our clients positioned themselves to achieve a high ROI, rapid payback, and a relationship structure that allows them to scale relative to their needs.

Equally – if not more importantly – we use ERP contract negotiations as a tool to incentivize the vendors and their service providers to deliver successful ERP projects.


We help our clients achieve valuable contractual concessions by employing a structured approach to negotiations.

Led by our in-house attorney, we define our clients’ business requirements, and then custom-develop a set of ERP contract negotiations strategies and tactics intended to deliver those requirements.

Client Education

When our clients have limited experience with ERP contracts, we provide an education session that covers the scope and business implications of the various in-play contracts.

Negotiations Strategy Session

During this working group, we prioritize business objectives sought to be achieved.

Negotiations Tactics and Execution

During the tactical stage, we plan our approach to achieving the desired concessions that drive the strategic targets.

Contract Redrafting and Execution

Where necessary, we draft contract wording to encapsulate the intention of the negotiated concessions.