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6 Tips to Drive a Successful Multi-Company ERP Implementation

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Multi-company and enterprise-wide implementations bring their own unique challenges and requirements. When planning a project, it’s important to map how the data and processes will (or will not) flow across entities. It’s also important to define cross-divisional teams that might need to provide input.

Read-on to learn the keys to successfully managing a multi-company ERP implementation project.

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ERP Planning Tip #3: Drive Planning Efficiency with Accurate Production Bill-of-Materials

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In our previous ERP planning tip, we covered time and quantity order-based modifiers to back-schedule supply requirements from demand. This previous tip dealt with the “when” and “how much” questions of planning. In this week’s tip, we cover the “what” questions of planning, which is represented by the bill of materials, or BOM (there is also an element of “how much” in BOMs).

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