ERP & Business


Achieving lofty organizational objectives requires an alignment of technology and business – an alignment predicated on business transformation.

Through our Business Requirements Assessment services, we cut through the complexity and help our clients define their future, technology-enabled state of being. We systematically evaluate all aspects of a business – strategies, operations, people, and technologies – and provide our clients with an action plan to achieve their business goals.


We developed our business requirements assessment methodology with the goal of delivering to our clients a detailed, actionable project plan that drives targeted business value.

Our business requirements assessment methodology forms the curriculum of an upper-level MBA course in the Management Science Department of Canada’s #1-ranked MBA School according to the Economist Magazine – the Schulich School of Business at York University.

Our business requirements assessment approach is a structured top-down and cross-functional assessment that includes the following due diligence:

  • Analysis of business strategies, goals, and objectives
  • Business model and value chain requirements
  • Analysis of decision-making requirements, including: “as is” and “to be” analytics, reporting, and business intelligence requirements
  • Analysis of “as is” and “to be” departmental, functional, and cross-functional business processes
  • Analysis of IT architecture requirements
  • Analysis of organizational change management, human capital and training requirements
  • Analysis of human and physical capacity requirements
  • Analysis of financial and performance requirements
  • Project planning, budgeting, and scheduling, and initiatives prioritization