Four ERP Selection Risks that Can Torpedo Your Project (and How to Avoid them)

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Our recent ERP benchmark study (soon-to-be-released) points out the obvious relationship between ERP selection success and ERP implementation success, that is: a failed selection project inevitably results in a failed implementation project.

Now, ruminate on this statistic – a paltry 32% of ERP selection projects succeed. This means that 68% of ERP projects are destined to fail before implementation even starts.

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Marin County v. Deloitte: Learn From This ERP Implementation Failure to Drive Success

Marin County v. Deloitte: Learn from this ERP Implementation Failure to Drive Success

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ERP implementation failure is a pretty easy topic to write about – fresh material is delivered to my door almost daily. Consider, for example, the California County of Marin’s recent $30 million lawsuit against Deloitte Consulting LLP.

In that case, Marin County hired Deloitte to implement an SAP ERP system. Marin spent $18.6 million on system and implementation costs. For all of that money, what did it get? A malfunctioning system, administrative lock-ups and headaches.

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