ERP selection

ERP Selection: 3 Steps to Analyzing Functional Needs

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Companies evaluating ERP solutions may find themselves ensnared in a net of vendor confusion. Selecting the right ERP software from among 15 or 20 seemingly good candidates is a difficult project. So, how does a company go about comparing, contrasting and ranking the various ERP software alternatives? How can it satisfy itself that it is picking a software package that best fulfills its various needs?

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erp pricing

ERP Pricing: How to Avoid Sticker-Shock

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Unanticipated ERP license needs. Unexpected ERP add-on modules. Unknown 3rd-party software needs. Surprises like these can lead to ERP sticker-shock and cause buyer’s remorse. Unplanned ERP expenses can throw off budgets, strain resources and, in some cases, cause ERP projects to die. They can even lead an ERP buyer to a system that it would not have otherwise selected had it known the true costs.

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