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Automotive OEM final assemblers, parts suppliers, and aftermarket parts suppliers, face unrelenting pressures to shorten lead times, innovate, and cut their operational costs. Pemeco helps its automotive clients architect a cohesive technology and business process so they can quickly respond to market shifts and outpace their competitors.

Automotive consumers are demanding last-mile, last-minute configurations. Trends towards autonomous electric vehicles are pressuring research, development, and overall operations.

Never before has the need to innovate and digitally transform a business been as strong. To excel, automotive manufacturers at every level need to be able to support customer experiences and integrated logistics networks.

Integration and automation are critical success factors. However, crafting the right solutions architecture can mean the difference between profit and loss.

To plan and execute your digital transformation, you need a consulting partner with expertise across the automotive supply chain and technology marketplace. Automotive OEM final assemblers, Tier I and II suppliers, and aftermarket suppliers trust us to architect their solution environments, evaluate ERP and other software vendors, and implement their projects.

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