The Pemeco Difference:

Uniquely focused on your project’s success

We’ve been in the enterprise technology space since 1978. Over our long history, we’ve successfully managed each one of our more than 700 major transformations projects spanning mainframe, client-server, and now cloud-based systems.

Your project’s success is literally our mission. It’s what we’ve been doing for 40-plus years and it’s woven into the fabric of our firm.

How do we routinely succeed in an industry marred by unacceptably high failure rates? With our people and our methodologies.

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Best-in-Class Methodologies

Our methodologies are designed to assure the successful execution of your technology-driven transformation projects. They were developed and are continually refined by experts with university and post-graduate degrees and specializations in Electrical Engineering, Human Resources Development, Law, Business Administration, Math, and Psychology.


  • Strategy-technology alignment
  • Future state design
  • Tailored best-practices
  • Detailed requirements
  • Plans and business case

Software Selection

  • Tailored evaluations methodology
  • Vendor and software due diligence
  • Technology architecture due diligence
  • Integrator due diligence
  • Data sets from evaluations of 140 systems

Contract Negotiations

  • Attorney-managed
  • Negotiations strategies and tactics
  • Maximizing value, mitigating risks
  • Protecting data and performance
  • Incentivizing implementation success

Implementation & Optimization

  • Project and change management
  • Governance and teams
  • Mapping and testing best-practices
  • Data migration best-practices
  • Training best-practices
  • Used in 40 countries
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Our Leadership 

Business processes and technologies are hard. Getting people to change is harder. With expertise and academics in people, processes, and systems, our leadership team has designed methodologies and culture to drive your transformation to success.

Peter Gross, B.Sc., M.Eng.
Founder and President

Peter is Pemeco’s Founder and President and has built a worldwide reputation as a thought authority on leading successful ERP implementation projects. With more than 40 years’ experience leading complex enterprise software, company integration, and process re-engineering projects, he is brought into large projects as an expert for all size organizations.  Peter has also codified Pemeco’s ERP implementation methodology into the preeminent book, “Milestone Deliverables”, which is used by companies in more than 40 countries.

Jonathan Gross, LL.B., M.B.A.
Managing Director

Jon leads client through the entire digital transformation life-cycle, including: technology architecture and planning, technology vendor selection, technology procurement, implementation, and ongoing optimization. More specifically, Jon helps Pemeco’s clients architect and implement technology environments that integrate ERP with the edge, including IoT, analytics, manufacturing execution, quality, supply chain, logistics, and other such systems. Jon is sought after for thought-leadership and speaking engagements by industry analysts, trade associations, and trade publications. He has also acted as part-time systems analysis and design MBA professor at the Schulich School of Business at York University.

Peter Santaniello

Peter Santaniello, M.Sc. Systems Engineering
Principal Consultant

Peter is an industry-leading expert in project management, IT strategy, enterprise software selection, program implementation, and organizational change management, building on his experience at Boeing, Alcoa and Huck Fasteners, and Raytheon. Peter is also an experienced IT infrastructure strategist who developed the strategic plan for, and led the implementation of, the infrastructure project for the U.S. Forces – Iraq. Peter is also well known for helping companies integrate organizational structures, business processes, and systems to achieve projected M&A synergies.

Our People

The success achieved by Pemeco Consulting is directly related to hiring the very best consultants.

Our project managers, technical consultants and analysts each have an average of over 20 years of experience working with large complex organizations. We have worked on over 700 projects, evaluated over 125 Software Systems, and optimized over 85 Software Systems.

The team at Pemeco Consulting derives from a highly diverse, educated and driven group of individuals who are passionate and excited to be taking the lead in organization transformations.

When it comes down to our values, we make sure that we make technology work harder for all our customers, and we are leading the charge on what is possible within the industry.

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