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Pemeco Consulting leads its clients through ERP selection, implementation, contract negotiation, optimization and rescue projects. We also specialize in delivering projects for related enterprise software, including product-lifecycle management (PLM), quality management (QMS), configure-price-quote (CPQ) and supply chain management (SCM) software solutions.

For many businesses, these technologies offer opportunities to untangle inefficient business processes, connect people and systems, and make better decisions. Although today’s executives view technology-enabled change as a necessity, many approach these types of projects apprehensively.

For nearly 40 years, Pemeco Consulting has been partnering with its market-leading clients to lead them through transformational projects that cut across technology, organizational structures, and business processes. Leveraging our proprietary and internationally acclaimed methodologies, our experts can successfully lead you to your desired future-state.


Become a Pemeco client today, contact us by phone at (647)499-8161, email at, or by filling out a web-form.

Learn how we can help your business:

IT planning and requirements assessments

Obtain an actionable and mapped roadmap, budget, and requirements set

IT contract negotiation services

We'll help you structure your contracts relative to project, risk and long-term needs.

ERP selection and software evaluation services

We lead you through a customized due-diligence process to ensure you select the right vendor and software.

ERP Optimization and project recovery services.

We'll optimize your existing implementation or help you recue a failing implementation project.

ERP and software implementation services

We'll lead your internal and consulting teams and assure project success

ERP implementation project management book

Learn the methodology practiced by the experts. purchase the 2nd edition of milestone deliverables: ERP Project Managment Methodology

Vendor Research

Use our vendor research tool to help find the right ERP vendor for your company.

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Resource Center

Browse our database of ERP articles, case studies, tips and industry news.

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